StackLight proxy

StackLight components, which require external access, automatically use the same proxy that is configured for Mirantis Container Cloud clusters. Therefore, you only need to configure proxy during deployment of your management or managed clusters. No additional actions are required to set up proxy for StackLight. For more details about implementation of proxy support in Container Cloud, see Proxy and cache support.


Proxy handles only the HTTP and HTTPS traffic. Therefore, for clusters with limited or no Internet access, it is not possible to set up Alertmanager email notifications, which use SMTP, when proxy is used.

Proxy is used for the following StackLight components:


Cluster type




As a default http_config for all HTTP-based receivers except the predefined HTTP-alerta and HTTP-salesforce. For these receivers, http_config is overridden on the receiver level.

Metric Collector


To send outbound cluster metrics to Mirantis.

Salesforce notifier


To send notifications to the Salesforce instance.

Salesforce reporter


To send metric reports to the Salesforce instance.