Change a user name and password for a bare metal host

This section describes how to change a user name and password of a bare metal host using an existing BareMetalHostCredential object.

To change a user name and password for a bare metal host:

  1. Open the BareMetalHostCredential object of the required bare metal host for editing.

  2. In the spec section:

    • Update the username field

    • Replace <secretName> with password.value: <hostPasswordInPlainText>

    For example:

      username: admin
        value: superpassword

    This action triggers creation of a new Secret object with updated credentials. After that, sensitive password data is replaced with the new Secret object name. For a detailed workflow description, see API Reference: BareMetalHostCredential.


    Adding a password value is mandatory for a user name change. You can either create a new password value or copy the existing one from the related Secret object.


    Changing a user name in the related Secret object does not automatically update the BareMetalHostCredential object. Therefore, Mirantis recommends updating credentials only using the the BareMetalHostCredential object.