Update a managed cluster

A Mirantis Container Cloud management cluster automatically upgrades to a new available Container Cloud release version that supports new Cluster releases. Once done, a newer version of a Cluster release becomes available for managed clusters that you update using the Container Cloud web UI.


Due to the known issue 24802 affecting clusters with enabled proxy, the Container Cloud release upgrade from 2.17.0 to 2.18.0 can trigger automatic update of managed clusters to the latest available Cluster releases in their respective series. For details, see the known issue 24802.


Make sure to update the Cluster release version of your managed cluster before the current Cluster release version becomes unsupported by a new Container Cloud release version. Otherwise, Container Cloud stops auto-upgrade and eventually Container Cloud itself becomes unsupported.


To silence StackLight alerts before performing the update, see Silence alerts.

This section describes how to update a managed cluster of any provider type using the Container Cloud web UI.