Verify the Container Cloud status before managed cluster update

Before you start updating your managed clusters, Mirantis recommends verifying that the associated management cluster is upgraded successfully.

To verify that the management cluster is upgraded successfully:

  1. Using kubeconfig of the management cluster, verify the Cluster release version of the management cluster machines:

    for i in $(kubectl get lcmmachines | awk '{print $1}' | sed '1d'); do echo $i; kubectl get lcmmachines $i -o yaml | grep release | tail -1; done

    Example of system response:

      release: 14.0.0+3.6.5
      release: 14.0.0+3.6.5
      release: 14.0.0+3.6.5
  2. Obtain the name of the latest available Container Cloud release object:

    kubectl get kaasrelease

    Example of system response:

    NAME          AGE
    kaas-2-15-0   63m
    kaas-2-14-0   40d
  3. Using the name of the latest Container Cloud release object, obtain the latest available Cluster release version:

    kubectl get -o yaml clusterrelease $(kubectl get kaasrelease kaas-2-15-0 -o yaml | egrep "^ +clusterRelease:" | cut -d: -f2 | tr -d ' ') | egrep "^  version:"

    Example of system response:

    version: 14.0.0+3.6.4
  4. Compare the outputs obtained in the first and previous steps.

    • If the Cluster releases match, proceed to Update a managed cluster.

    • If the Cluster releases do not match, contact Mirantis support for further details.