Configure the parallel update of worker nodes

Available since 2.24.1(0) and 23.2 for MOSK TechPreview


For MOSK clusters, you can start using the below procedure during cluster update from 23.1 to 23.2. For details, see MOSK documentation: Parallelizing node update operations.

By default, the worker nodes are upgraded sequentially (one by one). Though, Container Cloud enables you to parallelize node upgrade operations, significantly improving the efficiency of your deployment.

To configure the parallel update of worker nodes:

  1. Open the Cluster object for editing.

  2. Adjust the following parameters as required:

    Configuration of the parallel node update






    The maximum number of the worker nodes to update simultaneously. It serves as an upper limit on the number of machines that are drained at a given moment of time.



    The maximum number of workers being prepared at a given moment of time, which includes downloading of new artifacts. It serves as a limit for the network load that can occur when downloading the files to the nodes.

  3. Save the Cluster object to apply the change.