Available since 2.25.0

Mirantis Container Cloud Bootstrap v2 provides best user experience to set up Container Cloud. Using Bootstrap v2, you can provision and operate management clusters using required objects through the Container Cloud web UI.

Basic concepts and components of Bootstrap v2 include:

  • Bootstrap cluster

    Bootstrap cluster is any kind-based Kubernetes cluster that contains a minimal set of Container Cloud bootstrap components allowing the user to prepare the configuration for management cluster deployment and start the deployment. The list of these components includes:

    • Bootstrap Controller

      Controller that is responsible for:

      1. Configuration of a bootstrap cluster with provider-specific charts through the bootstrap Helm bundle.

      2. Configuration and deployment of a management cluster and its related objects.

    • Helm Controller

      Operator that manages Helm chart releases. It installs the Container Cloud bootstrap and provider-specific charts configured in the bootstrap Helm bundle.

    • Public API charts

      Helm charts that contain custom resource definitions for Container Cloud resources of supported providers.

    • Admission Controller

      Controller that performs mutations and validations for the Container Cloud resources including cluster and machines configuration.

    • Bootstrap web UI

      User-friendly web interface to prepare the configuration for a management cluster deployment.

    Currently one bootstrap cluster can be used for deployment of only one management cluster. For example, to add a new management cluster with different settings, a new bootstrap cluster must be recreated from scratch.

  • Bootstrap region

    BootstrapRegion is the first object to create in the bootstrap cluster for the Bootstrap Controller to identify and install required provider components onto the bootstrap cluster. After, the user can prepare and deploy a management cluster with related resources.

    The bootstrap region is a starting point for the cluster deployment. The user needs to approve the BootstrapRegion object. Otherwise, the Bootstrap Controller will not be triggered for the cluster deployment.

  • Bootstrap Helm bundle

    Helm bundle that contains charts configuration for the bootstrap cluster. This object is managed by the Bootstrap Controller that updates the bundle depending on a provider selected by the user in the BootstrapRegion object. The Bootstrap Controller always configures provider-related charts listed in the regional section of the Container Cloud release for the selected provider. Depending on the provider and cluster configuration, the Bootstrap Controller may update or reconfigure this bundle even after the cluster deployment starts. For example, the Bootstrap Controller enables the provider in the bootstrap cluster only after the bootstrap region is approved for the deployment.