Ceph default configuration options

Ceph Controller provides the capability to specify configuration options for the Ceph cluster through the spec.cephClusterSpec.rookConfig key-value parameter of the KaaSCephCluster resource as if they were set in a usual ceph.conf file.

However, if rookConfig is empty, Ceph Controller still specifies the following default configuration options for each Ceph cluster:

  • Required network parameters that you can change through the spec.cephClusterSpec.network section:

    cluster network = <spec.cephClusterSpec.network.clusterNet>
    public network = <spec.cephClusterSpec.network.publicNet>
  • General default configuration options that you can override using the rookConfig parameter:

    mon target pg per osd = 200
    mon max pg per osd = 600
    # Workaround configuration option to avoid the
    # https://github.com/rook/rook/issues/7573 issue
    # when updating to Rook 1.6.x versions:
    rgw_data_log_backing = omap