LCM custom resources

The Kubernetes LCM components handle the following custom resources (CRs):

  • LCMMachine

  • LCMCluster

  • HelmBundle


Describes a machine that is located on a cluster. It contains the machine type, control or worker, StateItems that correspond to Ansible playbooks and miscellaneous actions, for example, downloading a file or executing a shell command. LCMMachine reflects the current state of the machine, for example, a node IP address, and each StateItem through its status. Multiple LCMMachine CRs can correspond to a single cluster.


Describes a managed cluster. In its spec, LCMCluster contains a set of StateItems for each type of LCMMachine, which describe the actions that must be performed to deploy the cluster. LCMCluster is created by the provider, using machineTypes of the Release object. The status field of LCMCluster reflects the status of the cluster, for example, the number of ready or requested nodes.


Wrapper for Helm charts that is handled by Helm Controller. HelmBundle tracks what Helm charts must be installed on a managed cluster.