Management cluster networking

The main purpose of networking in a Container Cloud management or regional cluster is to provide access to the Container Cloud Management API that consists of the Kubernetes API of the Container Cloud management and regional clusters and the Container Cloud LCM API. This API allows end users to provision and configure managed clusters and machines. Also, this API is used by LCM agents in managed clusters to obtain configuration and report status.

The following types of networks are supported for the management and regional clusters in Container Cloud:

  • PXE/Management network

    Enables PXE boot of all bare metal machines in the Container Cloud region. Connects LCM agents running on the hosts to the Container Cloud LCM API. Serves the external connections to the Container Cloud Management API. In management and regional clusters, this network also serves storage traffic for the built-in Ceph cluster.

    • PXE subnet

      Provides IP addresses for DHCP and network boot of the bare metal hosts for initial inspection and operating system provisioning. This network may not have the default gateway or a router connected to it. The PXE subnet is defined by the Container Cloud Operator during bootstrap.

    • LCM subnet

      Provides IP addresses for the Kubernetes nodes in the management cluster. This network also provides a Virtual IP (VIP) address for the load balancer that enables external access to the Kubernetes API of a management cluster. This VIP is also the endpoint to access the Container Cloud Management API in the management cluster.

      Provides IP addresses for the services of Container Cloud, such as bare metal provisioning service (Ironic). These addresses are allocated and served by MetalLB.

  • Kubernetes workloads network

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    Serves the internal traffic between workloads on the management cluster.

    • Kubernetes workloads subnet

      Provides IP addresses that are assigned to nodes and used by Calico.

  • Out-of-Band (OOB) network

    Connects to Baseboard Management Controllers of the servers that host the management cluster. The OOB subnet must be accessible from the management network through IP routing. The OOB network is not managed by Container Cloud and is not represented in the IPAM API.