Access the Keycloak Admin Console

Using the Keycloak Admin Console you can:

Use the following credentials to access the Keycloak Admin Console:

  • The console URL is outputted when the management cluster bootstrap completes. To obtain the URL:

    kubectl get cluster <mgmtClusterName>  -o=jsonpath='{.status.providerStatus.helm.releases.iam.keycloak.url}'
  • The user name is keycloak by default.

  • The password is located in passwords.yaml generated during bootstrap.

    You can also obtain the password from the iam-api-secrets secret in the kaas namespace of the management cluster and decode the content of the keycloak_password key:

    kubectl get secret iam-api-secrets -n kaas -o=jsonpath='{.data.keycloak_password}' | base64 -d