Access the Keycloak Admin Console

Using the Keycloak Admin Console you can create or delete a user as well as grant or revoke roles to or from a user. The Keycloak administrator is responsible for assigning roles to users depending on the level of access they need in Container Cloud.

Obtain access credentials using the Container Cloud CLI

Available since 2.22.0

./container-cloud get keycloak-creds --mgmt-kubeconfig <pathToManagementClusterKubeconfig>

Optionally, use the --output key to save credentials in a YAML file.

Example of system response:

Keycloak admin credentials:
Address: https://<keycloak-ip-adress>/auth
Login: keycloak
Password: foobar

Obtain access credentials using kubectl

kubectl get cluster <mgmtClusterName> -o=jsonpath='{.status.providerStatus.helm.releases.iam.keycloak.url}'

The system response contains the URL to access the Keycloak Admin Console. The user name is keycloak by default. The password is located in passwords.yaml generated during bootstrap.

You can also obtain the password from the iam-api-secrets secret in the kaas namespace of the management cluster and decode the content of the keycloak_password key:

kubectl get secret iam-api-secrets -n kaas -o=jsonpath='{.data.keycloak_password}' | base64 -d