High-level workflow of Ceph OSD or node removal

The Ceph LCM automated operations such as Ceph OSD or Ceph node removal are performed by creating a corresponding KaaSCephOperationRequest CR that creates separate CephOsdRemoveRequest requests. It allows for automated removal of healthy or non-healthy Ceph OSDs from a Ceph cluster and covers the following scenarios:

  • Reducing hardware - all Ceph OSDs are up/in but you want to decrease the number of Ceph OSDs by reducing the number of disks or hosts.

  • Hardware issues. For example, if a host unexpectedly goes down and will not be restored, or if a disk on a host goes down and requires replacement.

This section describes the KaaSCephOperationRequest CR creation workflow, specification, and request status.

For step-by-step procedures, refer to Automated Ceph LCM.