Delete a cluster machine using web UI

This section instructs you on how to scale down an existing management, regional, or managed cluster through the Mirantis Container Cloud web UI.

To delete a machine from a cluster using web UI:

  1. Carefully read the machine deletion precautions.

  2. Log in to the Container Cloud web UI with the m:kaas:namespace@operator or m:kaas:namespace@writer permissions.

  3. Log in to the host where your management cluster kubeconfig is located and where kubectl is installed.

  4. For the bare metal provider, ensure that the machine being deleted is not a Ceph Monitor. If it is, migrate the Ceph Monitor to keep the odd number quorum of Ceph Monitors after the machine deletion. For details, see Migrate a Ceph Monitor before machine replacement.

  5. If the machine is assigned to a machine pool, decrease replicas count of the pool as described in Change replicas count of a machine pool.

  6. Click the More action icon in the last column of the machine you want to delete and select Delete. Confirm the deletion.

    Deleting a machine automatically frees up the resources allocated to this machine.