This section outlines new features implemented in the Cluster release 15.0.1 that is introduced in the Container Cloud release 2.24.2.

Support for MKE 3.6.5 and MCR 20.10.17

Added support for Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR) 20.10.17 and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) 3.6.5 that supports Kubernetes 1.24.

An update from the Cluster release 12.7.0 or 12.7.4 to 15.0.1 becomes available through the Container Cloud web UI menu once the related management or regional cluster automatically upgrades to Container Cloud 2.24.2.


Support for MKE 3.5.x is dropped. Therefore, new deployments on MKE 3.5.x are not supported.

Automatic upgrade of Ceph from Pacific to Quincy

Upgraded Ceph major version from Pacific 16.2.11 to Quincy 17.2.6 with an automatic upgrade of Ceph components on existing managed clusters during the Cluster version update.

Monitoring of network connectivity between Ceph nodes

Introduced healthcheck metrics and the following Ceph alerts to monitor network connectivity between Ceph nodes:

  • CephDaemonSlowOps

  • CephMonClockSkew

  • CephOSDFlapping

  • CephOSDSlowClusterNetwork

  • CephOSDSlowPublicNetwork

Major version update of OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards

Updated OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards from major version 1.3.7 to 2.7.0. The latest version includes a number of enhancements along with bug and security fixes.


The version update process can take up to 20 minutes, during which both OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards may become temporarily unavailable. Additionally, the KubeStatefulsetUpdateNotRolledOut alert for the opensearch-master StatefulSet may fire for a short period of time.


The end-of-life support of the major version 1.x ends on December 31, 2023.