This section outlines new features and enhancements introduced in the Cluster release 5.11.0.

Alert inhibition rules

Implemented alert inhibition rules to provide a clearer view on the cloud status and simplify troubleshooting. Using alert inhibition rules, Alertmanager decreases alert noise by suppressing dependent alerts notifications. The feature is enabled by default. For details, see Alert dependencies.

Integration between Grafana and Kibana

Implemented integration between Grafana and Kibana by adding a View logs in Kibana link to the majority of Grafana dashboards, which allows you to immediately view contextually relevant logs through the Kibana web UI.

Telegraf alert

Implemented the TelegrafGatherErrors alert that raises if Telegraf fails to gather metrics.

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Telegraf alerts

Configuration of Ironic Telegraf input plugin

Added the ironic.insecure parameter for enabling or disabling the host and chain verification for bare metal Ironic monitoring.

Automatically defined cluster ID

Enhanced StackLight to automatically set clusterId that defines an ID of a Container Cloud cluster. Now, you do not need to set or modify this parameter manually when configuring the sf-notifier and sf-reporter services.