Change passwords for IAM users

This section describes how to change passwords for IAM users on publicly accessible Mirantis Container Cloud deployments using the Keycloak web UI.

To change the IAM passwords:

  1. Obtain the Keycloak admin password:

    kubectl get secret -n kaas iam-api-secrets -o jsonpath='{.data.keycloak_password}' | base64 -d ; echo
  2. Obtain the Keycloak load balancer IP:

    kubectl get svc -n kaas iam-keycloak-http
  3. Log in to the Keycloak web UI using the following link form with the default keycloak admin user and the Keycloak credentials obtained in the previous steps:


  4. Navigate to Users > User list that contains all users in the IAM realm.

  5. Click the required user name. The page with user settings opens.

  6. Open Credentials tab.

  7. Using the Reset password form, update the password as required.


    To change the password permanently, toggle the Temporary switch to the OFF position. Otherwise, the user will be prompted to change the password after the next login.