Connect to the Mirantis Kubernetes Engine web UI

After you deploy a new or attach an existing Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) cluster to a management cluster, start managing your cluster using the MKE web UI.

To connect to the MKE web UI:

  1. Log in to the Container Cloud web UI with the m:kaas:namespace@operator, cluster-admin, or m:kaas:namespace@writer permissions.

  2. Switch to the required project using the Switch Project action icon located on top of the main left-side navigation panel.

  3. In the Clusters tab, click the More action icon in the last column of the required MKE cluster and select Cluster info.

  4. In the dialog box with the cluster information, copy the MKE UI endpoint and paste it to a web browser.

  5. On the MKE sign-in page, click Sign in with External Provider.

    The system uses the same credentials as for access to the Container Cloud web UI.


To ensure the Container Cloud stability in managing the Container Cloud-based MKE clusters, a number of MKE API functions is not available for the Container Cloud-based MKE clusters as compared to the MKE clusters that are deployed not by Container Cloud. Use the Container Cloud web UI or CLI for this functionality instead.

See MKE API limitations for details.


The MKE web UI contains help links that lead to the MKE, MSR, and MCR documentation suite. Besides MKE and Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR), which are integrated with Container Cloud, that documentation suite covers other MKE, MSR, and MCR components and cannot be fully applied to the Container Cloud-based MKE clusters. Therefore, to avoid any sort of misconceptions, before you proceed with MKE web UI documentation, read MKE API limitations and make sure you are using the documentation of the supported MKE version as per Release Compatibility Matrix.