Change the upgrade order of a machine or machine pool

You can define the upgrade sequence for existing machines or machine pools to allow prioritized machines to be upgraded first during a cluster update.

Consider the following upgrade index specifics:

  • The first machine to upgrade is always one of the control plane machines with the lowest upgradeIndex. Other control plane machines are upgraded one by one according to their upgrade indexes.

  • If the Cluster spec dedicatedControlPlane field is false, worker machines are upgraded only after the upgrade of all control plane machines finishes. Otherwise, they are upgraded after the first control plane machine, concurrently with other control plane machines.

  • If several machines have the same upgrade index, they have the same priority during upgrade.

  • If the value is not set, the machine is automatically assigned a value of the upgrade index.

To define the upgrade order of an existing machine or machine pool:

  1. Log in to the Container Cloud web UI with the m:kaas:namespace@operator or m:kaas:namespace@writer permissions.

  2. Switch to the required project using the Switch Project action icon located on top of the main left-side navigation panel.

  3. In the Clusters tab, click the required cluster name. The cluster page with the Machines list opens.

  4. In the Machine pool or one of Unassigned machines settings menu, select Change upgrade index.

  5. In the Configure Upgrade Priority window that opens, use the Up and Down arrows in the Upgrade Index field to configure the upgrade sequence of a machine or machine pool. Click Update to apply changes.

  6. Using the Pool info or Machine info options in the machine pool or machine settings menu, verify that the Upgrade Priority Index contains the updated value.