Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.13.0 along with the Cluster releases 7.3.0 and 5.20.0.

  • [17705][Azure] Fixed the issue with the failure to deploy more than 62 Azure worker nodes.

  • [17938][bare metal] Fixed the issue with the bare metal host profile being stuck in the match profile state during bootstrap.

  • [17960][bare metal] Fixed the issue with overflow of the Ironic storage volume causing a StackLight alert being triggered for the ironic-aio-pvc volume filling up.

  • [17981][bare metal] Fixed the issue with failure to redeploy a bare metal node with an mdadm-based raid1 enabled due to insufficient cleanup of RAID devices.

  • [17359][regional cluster] Fixed the issue with failure to delete an AWS-based regional cluster due to the issue with the cluster credential deletion.

  • [18193][upgrade] Fixed the issue with failure to upgrade an Equinix Metal or baremetal-based management cluster with Ceph cluster being not ready.

  • [18076][upgrade] Fixed the issue with StackLight update failure on managed cluster with logging disabled after changing NodeSelector.

  • [17771][StackLight] Fixed the issue with the Watchdog alert not routing to Salesforce by default.

    If you have applied the workaround as described in StackLight known issues: 17771, revert it after updating the Cluster releases to 5.20.0, 6.20.0, or 7.3.0:

    1. Open the StackLight configuration manifest as described in StackLight configuration procedure.

    2. In alertmanagerSimpleConfig.salesForce:

      • remove the match and march_re parameters since they are deprecated

      • remove the matchers parameter since it changes the default settings