This section outlines new features implemented in the Cluster release 11.3.0 that is introduced in the Container Cloud release 2.19.0.

Kubernetes Containers Grafana dashboard

Implemented a new Kubernetes Containers Grafana dashboard that provides resources consumption metrics of containers running on Kubernetes nodes.

Improvements to StackLight alerting

Enhanced the documentation by adding troubleshooting guidelines for the Kubernetes system, Metric Collector, Helm Controller, Release Controller, and MKE alerts.

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Troubleshoot alerts

Elasticsearch switch to OpenSearch

As part of the Elasticsearch switching to OpenSearch, replaced the Elasticsearch parameters with OpenSearch in the Container Cloud web UI.

Ceph cluster summary in Container Cloud web UI

Implemented the capability to easily view the summary and health status of all Ceph clusters through the Container Cloud web UI.

Ceph OSD removal or replacement by ID

Implemented the capability to remove or replace Ceph OSDs not only by the device name or path but also by ID, using the by-id parameter in the KaaSCephOperationRequest CR.

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Automated Ceph LCM

Multiple Ceph data pools per CephFS


Implemented the capability to create multiple Ceph data pools per a single CephFS installation using the dataPools parameter in the CephFS specification. The dataPool parameter is now deprecated.