Troubleshoot machines creation

If a Machine object is stuck in the same status for a long time, identify the status phase of the affected machine and proceed as described below.

To verify the status of the created Machine objects:

kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToKindKubeconfig> \
get machines -o jsonpath='{.items[*].status.phase}'

The deployment statuses of a Machine object are the same as the LCMMachine object states:

  1. Uninitialized - the machine is not yet assigned to an LCMCluster.

  2. Pending - the agent reports a node IP address and host name.

  3. Prepare - the machine executes StateItems that correspond to the prepare phase. This phase usually involves downloading the necessary archives and packages.

  4. Deploy - the machine executes StateItems that correspond to the deploy phase that is becoming a Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) node.

  5. Ready - the machine is being deployed.

  6. Upgrade - the machine is being upgraded to the new MKE version.

  7. Reconfigure - the machine executes StateItems that correspond to the reconfigure phase. The machine configuration is being updated without affecting workloads running on the machine.

If the system response is empty, approve the BootstrapRegion object:

  • Using the Container Cloud web UI, navigate to the Bootstrap tab and approve the related BootstrapRegion object

  • Using the Container Cloud CLI:

    ./container-cloud bootstrap approve all

If the system response is not empty and the status remains the same for a while, the issue may relate to machine misconfiguration. Therefore, verify and adjust the parameters of the affected Machine object. For provider-related issues, refer to the Troubleshooting section.