Outbound cluster metrics

The data collected and transmitted through an encrypted channel back to Mirantis provides our Customer Success Organization information to better understand the operational usage patterns our customers are experiencing as well as to provide feedback on product usage statistics to enable our product teams to enhance our products and services for our customers.

Since Container Cloud 2.21.0, the summary of all deployed Container Cloud configurations is also collected. The data is anonymized from all sensitive information, such as IDs, IP addresses, passwords, private keys, and so on. Mirantis collects information about the following Container Cloud objects, if any:

  • Cluster

  • Machine

  • MachinePool

  • MCCUpgrade

  • BareMetalHost

  • BareMetalHostProfile

  • IPAMHost

  • IPAddr

  • KaaSCephCluster

  • L2Template

  • Subnet

The node-level resource data are broken down into three broad categories: Cluster, Node, and Namespace. The telemetry data tracks Allocatable, Capacity, Limits, Requests, and actual Usage of node-level resources.

Terms explanation




On a Kubernetes Node, the amount of compute resources that are available for pods


The total number of available resources regardless of current consumption


Constraints imposed by Administrators


The resources that a given container application is requesting


The actual usage or consumption of a given resource

The full list of the outbound data includes: