Operate management and regional clusters


The Container Cloud web UI communicates with Keycloak to authenticate users. Keycloak is exposed using HTTPS with self-signed TLS certificates that are not trusted by web browsers.

To use your own TLS certificates for Keycloak, refer to Configure TLS certificates for cluster applications.

The Mirantis Container Cloud web UI enables you to perform the following operations with the Container Cloud management and regional clusters:

  • View the cluster details (such as cluster ID, creation date, nodes count, and so on) as well as obtain a list of the cluster endpoints including the StackLight components, depending on your deployment configuration.

    To view generic cluster details, in the Clusters tab, click the More action icon in the last column of the required cluster and select Cluster info.


    • Adding more than 3 nodes or deleting nodes from a management or regional cluster is not supported.

    • Removing a management or regional cluster using the Container Cloud web UI is not supported. Use the dedicated cleanup script instead. For details, see Remove a management cluster and Remove a regional cluster.

    • Before removing a regional cluster, delete the credentials of the deleted managed clusters associated with the region.

  • Verify the current release version of the cluster including the list of installed components with their versions and the cluster release change log.

    To view a cluster release version details, in the Clusters tab, click the version in the Release column next to the name of the required cluster.

This section outlines the operations that can be performed with a management or regional cluster.