This section outlines new features implemented in the Cluster release 12.5.0 that is introduced in the Container Cloud release 2.21.1.

Support for MKE 3.5.5 and MCR 20.10.13

Added support for the Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) 3.5.5 with Kubernetes 2.21 and the Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR) version 20.10.13.

An update from the Cluster release 8.10.0 to 12.5.0 becomes available through the Container Cloud web UI menu once the related management or regional cluster automatically upgrades to Container Cloud 2.21.1.

MetalLB minor version update

Updated the MetalLB version from 0.12.1 to 0.13.4 to apply the latest enhancements. The MetalLB configuration is now stored in dedicated MetalLB objects instead of the ConfigMap object.

Enhanced etcd monitoring

Improved etcd monitoring by implementing the Etcd dashboard and etcdDbSizeCritical and etcdDbSizeMajor alerts that inform about the size of the etcd database.