Renew the Container Cloud and MKE licenses

When your Mirantis Container Cloud expires, contact you account manager to request a new license by submitting a ticket through the Mirantis CloudCare Portal. If your trial license has expired, contact Mirantis support for further information. Once you obtain a new mirantis.lic file, update Container Cloud along with MKE clusters using the instructions below.


Once your Container Cloud license expires, all API operations with new and existing clusters are blocked until license renewal. Existing workloads are not affected.

Update the Container Cloud and MKE licenses since Container Cloud 2.16.0


Only the Container Cloud web UI users with the m:kaas@global-admin role can update the Container Cloud license.


Machines are not cordoned and drained, user workloads are not interrupted, and the MKE license is updated automatically for all clusters starting from Cluster releases 7.6.0, 8.6.0, and 11.0.0.

  1. Log in to the Container Cloud web UI.

  2. Navigate to Admin > License.

  3. Click Update License and upload your new license.

  4. Click Update.

Update the Container Cloud license prior to Container Cloud 2.16.0


Prior to Container Cloud 2.16.0 and for all clusters with the Cluster releases prior to 7.6.0, 8.6.0, and 11.0.0 during the Container Cloud license update:

  • Each machine in each cluster was cordoned and drained, then the upgrade procedure run on it, and then the machine was uncordoned.

  • All user workloads were interrupted and migrated to other nodes.

  • The license update triggered the upgrade procedure on all Container Cloud clusters without changing versions of any components.

Update the license secret in the kaas namespace by setting data.license to the contents of the new license file:

kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToMgmtClusterKubeconfig> -n kaas \
patch secret license -p "{\"data\":{\"license\":\"$(base64 -w 0 < mirantis.lic)\"}}"

The updated license becomes available for the Container Cloud operations immediately, and update of all Container Cloud clusters is triggered within several minutes.

The MKE clusters managed by Container Cloud are not updated automatically. Therefore, update the license manually for each MKE management, regional, and managed cluster using the MKE web UI as described below.

Update the MKE license prior to Container Cloud 2.16.0

  1. Log in to the MKE web UI as admin. An admin password is located in the regional cluster secret ucp-admin-password-<cluster_name>.

  2. In the Lockdown section, enable BYPASS.

  3. Navigate to admin > Admin Settings > License.

  4. Click Upload License and upload your new mirantis.lic file.

  5. In the Lockdown section, disable BYPASS.