Increase storage quota for etcd

Available since Cluster releases 15.0.3 and 14.0.3

You may need to increase the default etcd storage quota that is 2 GB if etcd runs out of space and there is no other way to clean up the storage on your management or managed cluster.

To increase storage quota for etcd:

  1. In the spec:providerSpec:value: section of cluster.yaml, edit the etcd:storageQuota value:

    kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToManagementClusterKubeconfig> -n <projectName> edit cluster <clusterName>

    Configuration example:

    kind: Cluster
      name: mycluster
      labels: openstack region-one
          kind: OpenstackClusterProviderSpec
            storageQuota: 4GB


    You cannot decrease the storageQuota once set.


    The label is removed from all Container Cloud objects in 2.26.0 (Cluster releases 17.1.0 and 16.1.0). Therefore, do not add the label starting these releases. On existing clusters updated to these releases, or if manually added, this label will be ignored by Container Cloud.

  2. Applies only to the following Cluster releases:

    • 15.0.3 or 14.0.3

    • 15.0.4 or 14.0.4 if you scheduled a delayed management cluster upgrade

    Before upgrading your management cluster to 2.25.0, configure LCMMachine resources of the cluster controller nodes as described in Configure managed clusters with the etcd storage quota set.