Supported features

Using the Mirantis Container Cloud web UI, on the pre-deployment stage of a managed cluster, you can view, enable or disable, or tune the following StackLight features available:

  • StackLight HA mode.

  • Database retention size and time for Prometheus.

  • Tunable index retention period for Elasticsearch 0.

  • Tunable PersistentVolumeClaim (PVC) size for Prometheus and Elasticsearch 0 set to 16 GB for Prometheus and 30 GB for Elasticsearch 0 by default. The PVC size must be logically aligned with the retention periods or sizes for these components.

  • Email and Slack receivers for the Alertmanager notifications.

  • Predefined set of dashboards.

  • Predefined set of alerts and capability to add new custom alerts for Prometheus in the following exemplary format:

    - alert: HighErrorRate
      expr: job:request_latency_seconds:mean5m{job="myjob"} > 0.5
      for: 10m
        severity: page
        summary: High request latency

Starting from Container Cloud 2.16.0, Elasticsearch has switched to OpenSearch. For details, see Elasticsearch switch to OpenSearch.