Supported features

Using the Mirantis Container Cloud web UI, on the pre-deployment stage of a managed cluster, you can view, enable or disable, or tune the following StackLight features available:

  • StackLight HA mode.

  • Database retention size and time for Prometheus.

  • Tunable index retention period for OpenSearch.

  • Tunable PersistentVolumeClaim (PVC) size for Prometheus and OpenSearch set to 16 GB for Prometheus and 30 GB for OpenSearch by default. The PVC size must be logically aligned with the retention periods or sizes for these components.

  • Email and Slack receivers for the Alertmanager notifications.

  • Predefined set of dashboards.

  • Predefined set of alerts and capability to add new custom alerts for Prometheus in the following exemplary format:

    - alert: HighErrorRate
      expr: job:request_latency_seconds:mean5m{job="myjob"} > 0.5
      for: 10m
        severity: page
        summary: High request latency