This section outlines new features and enhancements introduced in the Cluster release 5.14.0.

Log collection optimization

Improved the log collection mechanism by optimizing the existing and adding new log parsers for multiple Container Cloud components.

Dedicated network for the Ceph distributed storage traffic


Added the possibility to configure dedicated networks for the Ceph cluster access and replication traffic using dedicated subnets. Container Cloud automatically configures Ceph to use the addresses from the dedicated subnets after you assign the corresponding addresses to the storage nodes.

Ceph Multisite configuration


Implemented the capability to enable the Ceph Multisite configuration that allows object storage to replicate its data over multiple Ceph clusters. Using Multisite, such object storage is independent and isolated from another object storage in the cluster.

Ceph troubleshooting documentation

On top of continuous improvements delivered to the existing Container Cloud guides, added the Troubleshoot Ceph section to the Operations Guide. This section now contains a detailed procedure to recover a failed or accidentally removed Ceph cluster.