Access StackLight web UIs

By default, StackLight provides five web UIs including Prometheus, Alertmanager, Alerta, OpenSearch Dashboards, and Grafana. This section describes how to access any of these web UIs.

To access a StackLight web UI:

  1. Log in to the Mirantis Container Cloud web UI.

  2. Switch to the required project using the Switch Project action icon located on top of the main left-side navigation panel.

  3. In the Clusters tab, click the More action icon in the last column of the required cluster and select Cluster info.

  4. In the dialog box with the cluster information, copy the required endpoint IP from the StackLight Endpoints section.

  5. Paste the copied IP to a web browser and use the default credentials to log in to the web UI. Once done, you are automatically authenticated to all StackLight web UIs.


The Alertmanager web UI displays alerts received by all configured receivers, which can be mistaken for duplicates. To only display the alerts received by a particular receiver, use the Receivers filter.