This section outlines new features and enhancements introduced in the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.1.0. For the list of enhancements in the Cluster release 5.8.0 introduced by the KaaS release 2.1.0, see 5.8.0.

Node labeling for machines

Implemented the possibility to assign labels to specific machines with dedicated system and hardware resources through the Container Cloud web UI. For example, you can label the StackLight nodes that run Elasticsearch and require more resources than a standard node to run the StackLight components services on the dedicated nodes. You can label a machine before or after it is deployed. The list of available labels is taken from the current Cluster release.

Node labeling greatly improves cluster performance and prevents pods from being quickly exhausted.

AWS resources discovery in Container Cloud web UI

Improved the user experience during a managed cluster creation using the Container Cloud web UI by implementing drop-down menus with available supported values for the following AWS resources:

  • AWS region


  • AWS instance type

To apply the feature to existing deployments, update the IAM policies for AWS as described in Apply updates to the AWS-based management clusters.

Credentials statuses for OpenStack and AWS

Implemented the following statuses for the OpenStack-based and AWS-based credentials in the Container Cloud web UI:

  • Ready

    Credentials are valid and ready to be used for a managed cluster creation.

  • In Use

    Credentials are being used by a managed cluster.

  • Error

    Credentials are invalid. You can hover over the Error status to determine the reason of the issue.