Schedule Mirantis Container Cloud upgrades

By default, Container Cloud automatically upgrades to the latest version, once available. An Operator can delay or reschedule Container Cloud automatic upgrade process using CLI or web UI. The scheduling feature allows:

  • Blocking Container Cloud upgrade process for up to 7 days from the current date and up to 30 days from the latest Container Cloud release

  • Limiting hours and weekdays when Container Cloud upgrade can run


Since Container Cloud 2.23.2, the release update train includes patch release updates being delivered between major releases. The new approach increases the frequency of the release updates. Therefore, schedule a longer maintenance window for the Container Cloud upgrade as there can be more than one scheduled update in the queue.

For details on the currently available patch releases, see Patch releases.

Schedule upgrade using CLI

You can delay or reschedule Container Cloud automatic upgrade by editing the MCCUpgrade object named mcc-upgrade in Kubernetes API.


Only the management cluster admin and users with the operator (or writer in old-style Keycloak roles) permissions can edit the MCCUpgrade object. For object editing, use kubeconfig generated during the management cluster bootstrap or kubeconfig generated with the operator (or writer) permissions.

To edit the current configuration, run the following command in the command line:

kubectl edit mccupgrade mcc-upgrade

In the system response, the editor displays the current state of the MCCUpgrade object in the YAML format. The spec section contains the current upgrade schedule configuration, for example:

  blockUntil: 2021-12-31T00:00:00
  timeZone: CET
  - hours:
      from: 10
      to: 17
      monday: true
      tuesday: true
  - hours:
      from: 7
      to: 10
      monday: true
      friday: true

In this example:

  • Upgrades are blocked until December 31, 2021

  • All schedule calculations are done in the CET timezone

  • Upgrades are allowed only:

    • From 7:00 to 17:00 on Mondays

    • From 10:00 to 17:00 on Tuesdays

    • From 7:00 to 10:00 on Fridays

For details about the MCCUpgrade object, see MCCUpgrade resource.

On every upgrade step, the Release Controller verifies if the current time is allowed by the schedule and does not start or proceed with the upgrade if it is not.

Schedule upgrade using web UI


The Container Cloud web UI provides an upgrade scheduling tool.

To schedule upgrades using the Container Cloud web UI:

  1. Log in to the Container Cloud web UI as m:kaas@global-admin or m:kaas@writer.

  2. In the left-side navigation panel, click Upgrade Schedule in the Admin section.

  3. Click Configure Schedule.

  4. Select the time zone from the Time Zone list. You can also type the necessary location to find it in the list.

  5. Optional. In Delay Upgrade, configure the upgrade delay. You can set no delay or select the exact day, hour, and minute. You can delay the upgrade up to 7 days, but not more than 30 days from the latest release date. For example, the current time is 10:00 March 28, and the latest release was on March 1. In this case, the maximum delay you can set is 10:00 March 31. Regardless of your time zone, configure time in accordance with the previously selected time zone.

  6. Optional. In Allowed Time for Upgrade, set the time intervals when to allow upgrade. Select the upgrade hours in the From and To time input fields. Select days of the week in the corresponding check boxes. Click + to set additional upgrade hours.