Configure RAID support


This feature is available as Technology Preview. Use such configuration for testing and evaluation purposes only. For the Technology Preview feature definition, refer to Technology Preview features.

You can configure support of the software-based Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) using BareMetalHosProfile to set up an LVM or mdadm-based RAID level 1 (raid1). If required, you can further configure RAID in the same profile, for example, to install a cluster operating system onto a RAID device.


  • RAID configuration on already provisioned bare metal machines or on an existing cluster is not supported.

    To start using any kind of RAIDs, reprovisioning of machines with a new BaremetalHostProfile is required.

  • Mirantis supports the raid1 type of RAID devices both for LVM and mdadm.

  • Mirantis supports the raid0 type for the mdadm RAID to be on par with the LVM linear type.

  • Mirantis recommends having at least two physical disks for the raid0 and raid1 devices to prevent unnecessary complexity.

  • Mirantis supports the raid10 type for mdadm RAID on MOSK clusters. At least four physical disks are required for this type of RAID.

  • Only an even number of disks can be used for a raid1 or raid10 device.