The Container Cloud patch release 2.24.1 based on 2.24.0 includes updated baremetal-operator, admission-controller, and iam artifacts and provides hot fixes for the following issues:

  • [34218] Fixed the issue with the iam-keycloak Pod being stuck in the Pending state during Keycloak upgrade to version 21.1.1.

  • [34247] Fixed the issue with MKE backup failing during cluster update due to wrong permissions in the etcd backup directory. If the issue still persists, which may occur on clusters that were originally deployed using early Container Cloud releases delivered in 2020-2021, follow the workaround steps described in Known issues: LCM.


Container Cloud patch release 2.24.1 does not introduce new Cluster releases.

For main deliverables of the Container Cloud release 2.24.1, refer to its parent release 2.24.0:


Make sure to update the Cluster release version of your managed cluster before the current Cluster release version becomes unsupported by a new Container Cloud release version. Otherwise, Container Cloud stops auto-upgrade and eventually Container Cloud itself becomes unsupported.