Retrigger a module configuration


The cloud operator takes all risks and responsibility for module execution on cluster machines. For any questions, contact Mirantis support.

There is no API to reexecute the same successfully applied module configuration upon user request. Once executed, the same configuration will never be executed prior to either of the following actions is taken on the hoc object:

  • Change the module-related values of the configs field list

  • Change the data of the Secret object referenced by the module-related secretValues of the configs field list

To retrigger exactly the same configuration for a module, select one of the following options:

  • Reapply machineSelector:

    1. Save the current selector value.

    2. Update the selector to match no machines (empty value) or those machines where configuration should not be reapplied.

    3. Update the selector to the previously saved value.

  • Re-create the hoc object:

    1. Dump the whole hoc object.

    2. Remove the hoc object.

    3. Reapply the hoc object from the dump.


The above steps retrigger all configuration from the configs field of the hoc object. To avoid such behavior, Mirantis recommends the following procedure:

  1. Copy a particular module configuration to a new hoc object and remove the previous machineSelector field.

  2. Remove this configuration from the original hoc object.

  3. Add the required values to the machineSelector field in the new object.