This section outlines release notes for the major Cluster release 14.0.1 that is introduced in the Container Cloud release 2.24.2.

This Cluster release supports Mirantis Kubernetes Engine 3.6.5 with Kubernetes 1.24 and Mirantis Container Runtime 20.10.17.

The Cluster release 14.0.1 is based on 14.0.0 introduced in Container Cloud 2.24.0. The only difference between these two 14.x releases is that 14.0.1 contains the following updated LCM and StackLight artifacts to address critical CVEs:

  • StackLight chart - stacklight/helm/stacklight-0.12.8.tgz

  • LCM Ansible image - lcm-ansible-v0.22.0-52-g62235a5

For For the list of enhancements, refer to the Cluster release 14.0.0. For For the list of known and addressed issues, refer to the Container Cloud release 2.24.0 section.