Enable generic metric scraping

Enable generic metric scrapingΒΆ

StackLight can scrape metrics from any service that exposes Prometheus metrics and is running on the Kubernetes cluster. Such metrics appear in Prometheus under the {job="stacklight-generic",service="<service_name>",namespace="<service_namespace>"} set of labels. If the Kubernetes service is backed by Kubernetes pods, the set of labels also includes {pod="<pod_name>"}.

To enable the functionality, define at least one of the following annotations in the service metadata:

  • "generic.stacklight.mirantis.com/scrape-port" - the HTTP endpoint port. By default, the port number found through Kubernetes service discovery, usually __meta_kubernetes_pod_container_port_number. If none discovered, use the default port for the chosen scheme.

  • "generic.stacklight.mirantis.com/scrape-path" - the HTTP endpoint path, related to the Prometheus scrape_config.metrics_path option. By default, /metrics.

  • "generic.stacklight.mirantis.com/scrape-scheme" - the HTTP endpoint scheme between HTTP and HTTPS, related to the Prometheus scrape_config.scheme option. By default, http.

For example:

    "generic.stacklight.mirantis.com/scrape-path": "/metrics"
    "generic.stacklight.mirantis.com/scrape-port": "8080"