This section outlines new features and enhancements introduced in the Container Cloud patch release 2.24.4.

Configuration of the etcd storage quota

Added the capability to configure storage quota, which is 2 GB by default. You may need to increase the default etcd storage quota if etcd runs out of space and there is no other way to clean up the storage on your management or managed cluster.

Multi-rack topology for bare metal managed clusters


Added support for the multi-rack topology on bare metal managed clusters. Implementation of the multi-rack topology implies the use of Rack and MultiRackCluster objects that support configuration of BGP announcement of the cluster API load balancer address.

You can now create a managed cluster where cluster nodes including Kubernetes masters are distributed across multiple racks without L2 layer extension between them, and use BGP for announcement of the cluster API load balancer address and external addresses of Kubernetes load-balanced services.