This section outlines new features and enhancements introduced in the Cluster release 5.8.0.

Grafana improvements

  • Upgraded Grafana from version 6.6.2 to 7.1.5.

  • Introduced Grafana Image Renderer, a separate Grafana container in a pod to offload rendering of images from charts. Grafana Image Renderer is enabled by default.

  • Configured a home dashboard to replace the Installation/configuration panel that opens when you access Grafana. By default, Kubernetes Cluster is set as a home dashboard. However, you can set any of the available Grafana dashboards.

Clusters telemetry improvement in StackLight

  • Split the regional and management cluster function in StackLight telemetry. Now, the metrics from managed clusters are aggregated on regional clusters, then both regional and managed clusters metrics are sent from regional clusters to the management cluster.

  • Added the capability to filter panels by regions in the Clusters Overview and Telemeter Server Grafana dashboards.

Alerts improvements

  • Improved alerts descriptions and raise conditions.

  • Changed severity in some alerts to improve operability.

  • Improved raise conditions of some alerts by adding the for clause and unifying the existing for clauses.