Addressed issues

In the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.1.0, the following issues have been addressed:

  • [7281] Fixed the issue with a management cluster bootstrap script failing if there was a space in the PATH environment variable.

  • [7205] Fixed the issue with some cluster objects being stuck during deletion of an AWS-based managed cluster due to unresolved VPC dependencies.

  • [7304] Fixed the issue with failure to reattach a Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) cluster with the same name.

  • [7101] Fixed the issue with the monitoring of Ceph and Ironic being enabled when Ceph and Ironic are disabled on the baremetal-based clusters.

  • [7324] Fixed the issue with the monitoring of Ceph being disabled on the baremetal-based managed clusters due to the missing provider: BareMetal parameter.

  • [7180] Fixed the issue with lcm-controller periodically failing with the invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference runtime error.

  • [7251] Fixed the issue with setting up the OIDC integration on the MKE side.

  • [7326] Fixed the issue with the missing entry for the host itself in etc/hosts causing failure of services that require node FQDN.

  • [6989] Fixed the issue with baremetal-operator ignoring the clean failed provisioning state if a node fails to deploy on a baremetal-based managed cluster.

  • [7231] Fixed the issue with the baremetal-provider pod not restarting after the ConfigMap changes and causing the telemeter-client pod to fail during deployment.