This section outlines new features introduced in the Cluster release 7.0.0 that is the initial release of the 7.x Cluster release series.

Updated version of MCR, MKE, and Kubernetes

The 7.0.0 Cluster release introduces support for the updated versions of:

  • Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR) 20.10.5

  • Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) 3.4.0

  • Kubernetes 1.20.1

All existing management and regional clusters with the Cluster release 5.16.0 are automatically updated to the Cluster release 7.0.0 with the updated versions of MCR, MKE, and Kubernetes.

Once you update your existing managed clusters from the Cluster release 5.16.0 to 5.17.0, an update to the Cluster release 7.0.0 becomes available through the Container Cloud web UI menu.

Graceful MCR upgrade

Implemented a graceful Mirantis Container Runtime (MCR) upgrade from 19.03.14 to 20.10.5 on existing Container Cloud clusters.

MKE logs gathering enhancements

Improved the MKE logs gathering by replacing the default DEBUG logs level with INFO. This change reduces the unnecessary load on the MKE cluster caused by an excessive amount of logs generated with the DEBUG level enabled.

Log verbosity for StackLight components

Implemented the capability to configure the verbosity level of logs produced by all StackLight components or by each component separately.

Improvements to StackLight alerting

Implemented the following improvements to StackLight alerting:

  • Added the following alerts:

    • PrometheusMsTeamsDown that raises if prometheus-msteams is down.

    • ServiceNowWebhookReceiverDown that raises if alertmanager-webhook-servicenow is down.

    • SfNotifierDown that raises if the sf-notifier is down.

    • KubeAPICertExpirationMajor, KubeAPICertExpirationWarning, MKEAPICertExpirationMajor, MKEAPICertExpirationWarning that inform on SSL certificates expiration.

  • Removed the inefficient PostgresqlPrimaryDown alert.

  • Reworked a number of alerts to improve alerting efficiency and reduce alert flooding.

  • Reworked the alert inhibition rules to match the receivers.

  • Updated Alertmanager to v0.22.2.

  • Changed the default behavior of the Salesforce alerts integration. Now, by default, only Critical alerts will be sent to the Salesforce.

Proxy configuration on existing clusters

Implemented the capability to add or configure proxy on existing Container Cloud managed clusters using the Container Cloud web UI.

Documentation enhancements

On top of continuous improvements delivered to the existing Container Cloud guides, added a procedure on how to move a Ceph Monitor daemon to another node.