Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.22.0 along with the Cluster release 11.6.0:

  • [27192] Fixed the issue that prevented portforward-controller from accepting new connections correctly.

  • [26659] Fixed the issue that caused the deployment of a regional cluster based on bare metal or Equinix Metal with private networking to fail with mcc-cache Pods being stuck in the CrashLoopBackOff status of restarts.

  • [28783] Fixed the issue with Ceph condition getting stuck in absence of the Ceph cluster secrets information on the MOSK 22.3 clusters.


    Starting from MOSK 22.4, the Ceph cluster version updates to 15.2.17. Therefore, if you applied the workaround for MOSK 22.3 described in Ceph known issue 28783, remove the version parameter definition from KaaSCephCluster after the managed cluster update to MOSK 22.4.

  • [26820] Fixed the issue with the status section in the KaaSCephCluster.status CR not reflecting issues during a Ceph cluster deletion.

  • [25624] Fixed the issue with inability to specify the Ceph pool API parameters by adding the parameters option that specifies the key-value map for the parameters of the Ceph pool.


    For MKE clusters that are part of MOSK infrastructure, the feature support will become available in one of the following Container Cloud releases.

  • [28526] Fixed the issue with a low CPU limit 100m for kaas-exporter blocking metric collection.

  • [28134] Fixed the issue with failure to update a cluster with nodes being stuck in the Prepare state due to error when evicting pods for Patroni.

  • [27732-1] Fixed the issue with the OpenSearch elasticsearch.persistentVolumeClaimSize custom setting being overwritten by logging.persistentVolumeClaimSize during deployment of a Container Cloud cluster of any type and be set to the default 30Gi.

    Depending on available resources on existing clusters that were affected by the issue, additional actions may be required after an update to Container Cloud 2.22.0. For details, see OpenSearchPVCMismatch alert raises due to the OpenSearch PVC size mismatch. New clusters deployed on top of Container Cloud 2.22.0 are not affected.

  • [27732-2] Fixed the issue with custom settings for the deprecated elasticsearch.logstashRetentionTime parameter being overwritten by the default setting set to 1 day.

  • [20876] Fixed the issue with StackLight Pods getting stuck with the Pod predicate NodeAffinity failed error due to the StackLight node label added to one machine and then removed from another one.

  • [28651] Updated Telemeter for StackLight to fix the discovered vulnerabilities.