Add a machine

This section describes how to add a machine to a newly created managed cluster using either the Mirantis Container Cloud web UI or CLI for an advanced configuration.


An operational managed cluster must contain a minimum of 3 Kubernetes manager machines to meet the etcd quorum and 2 Kubernetes worker machines.

The deployment of the cluster does not start until the minimum number of machines is created.

A machine with the manager role is automatically deleted during the cluster deletion. Manual deletion of manager machines is allowed only for the purpose of node replacement or recovery.

Support status of manager machine deletion

  • Since the Cluster releases 17.0.0, 16.0.0, and 14.1.0, the feature is generally available.

  • Before the Cluster releases 16.0.0 and 14.1.0, the feature is available within the Technology Preview features scope for non-MOSK-based clusters.

  • Before the Cluster release 17.0.0 the feature is not supported for MOSK.