GracefulRebootRequest resource

Available since 2.23.0 and 2.23.1 for MOSK 23.1

This section describes the GracefulRebootRequest custom resource (CR) used in the Container Cloud API for all supported providers. Use this resource for a rolling reboot of several or all cluster machines without workloads interruption. The resource is also useful for a bulk reboot of machines, for example, on large clusters.

The Container Cloud GracefulRebootRequest CR contains the following fields:

  • apiVersion

    API version of the object that is

  • kind

    Object type that is GracefulRebootRequest.

  • metadata

    Metadata of the GracefulRebootRequest CR that contains the following fields:

    • name

      Name of the GracefulRebootRequest object. The object name must match the name of the cluster on which you want to reboot machines.

    • namespace

      Project where the GracefulRebootRequest is created.

  • spec

    Specification of the GracefulRebootRequest CR that contains the following fields:

    • machines

      List of machines for a rolling reboot. Each machine of the list is cordoned, drained, rebooted, and uncordoned in the order of cluster upgrade policy. For details about the upgrade order, see Change the upgrade order of a machine or machine pool.

      Leave this field empty to reboot all cluster machines.


      The cluster and machines must have the Ready status to perform a graceful reboot.

Configuration example:

kind: GracefulRebootRequest
  name: demo-cluster
  namespace: demo-project
  - demo-worker-machine-1
  - demo-worker-machine-3