View OpenSearch Dashboards

Using the OpenSearch Dashboards web UI, you can view the visual representation of logs, Kubernetes events, and other cluster notifications related to your deployment.

To view OpenSearch Dashboards:

  1. Log in to the OpenSearch Dashboards web UI as described in Access StackLight web UIs.

  2. Click the required dashboard to inspect the visualizations or perform a search:



    K8s events

    Provides visualizations on the number of Kubernetes events per type, and top event-producing resources and namespaces by reason and event type. Includes search.

    System Logs

    Available for clusters created since Container Cloud 2.26.0 (Cluster releases 17.1.x, 16.1.x, or later).

    Provides visualizations on the number of log messages per severity, source, and top log-producing host, namespaces, containers, and applications. Includes search.


    Due to a known issue, this dashboard does not exist in Container Cloud 2.26.0 (Cluster releases 17.1.0 and 16.1.0). The issue is addressed in Container Cloud 2.26.1 (Cluster releases 17.1.1 and 16.1.1). To work around the issue in 2.26.0, you can map the fields of the logstash index to the system one and view logs in the deprecated Logs dashboard. For mapping details, see System index fields mapped to Logstash index fields.

    Logs Deprecated in 2.26.0

    Available only for clusters created before Container Cloud 2.26.0 (Cluster releases 17.0.x, 16.0.x, or earlier).

    Analogous to System Logs but contains logs generated only for the mentioned Cluster releases.