Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.4.0 and the Cluster releases 5.11.0 and 6.10.0:

  • [10351] [BM] [IPAM] Fixed the issue with the automatically allocated subnet having the ability to requeue allocation from a SubnetPool in the error state.

  • [10104] [BM] [Ceph] Fixed the issue with OpenStack services failing to access rook-ceph-mon-* pods due to the changed metadata for connection after pods restart if Ceph was deployed without hostNetwork: true.

  • [2757] [IAM] Fixed the issue with IAM failing to start with the IAM pods being in the CrashLoopBackOff state during a management cluster deployment.

  • [7562] [IAM] Disabled the http port in Keycloak to prevent security vulnerabilities.

  • [10108] [LCM] Fixed the issue with accidental upgrade of the docker-ee, docker-ee-cli, and packages that must be pinned during the host OS upgrade.

  • [10094] [LCM] Fixed the issue with error handling in the manage-taints Ansible script.

  • [9676] [LCM] Fixed the issue with Keepalived and NGINX being installed on worker nodes instead of being installed on control plane nodes only.

  • [10323] [UI] Fixed the issue with offline tokens being expired over time if fetched using the Container Cloud web UI. The issue occurred if the Log in with Keycloak option was used.

  • [8966] [UI] Fixed the issue with the “invalid_grant”,”error_description”: “Session doesn’t have required client” error occurring over time after logging in to the Container Cloud web UI through Log in with Keycloak.

  • [10180] [UI] Fixed the issue with the SSH Keys dialog becoming blank after the token expiration.

  • [7781] [UI] Fixed the issue with the previously selected Ceph cluster machines disappearing from the drop-down menu of the Create New Ceph Cluster dialog.

  • [7843] [UI] Fixed the issue with Provider Credentials being stuck in the Processing state if created using the Add new credential option of the Create New Cluster dialog.