This section outlines new features implemented in the Cluster release 12.7.0 that is introduced in the Container Cloud release 2.23.1.

MKE patch release update

Updated the Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) patch release from 3.5.5 to 3.5.7. The MKE update occurs automatically when you update your managed cluster.

Automatic upgrade of Ceph from Octopus to Pacific

Upgraded Ceph major version from Octopus 15.2.17 to Pacific 16.2.11 with an automatic upgrade of Ceph components on existing managed clusters during the Cluster version update.


Since Ceph Pacific, while mounting an RBD or CephFS volume, CSI drivers do not propagate the 777 permission on the mount path.

Two Ceph Managers by default for HA

Increased the default number of Ceph Managers deployed on a Ceph cluster to two, active and stand-by, to improve fault tolerance and HA.

On existing clusters, the second Ceph Manager deploys automatically after a managed cluster update.


Mirantis recommends labeling at least 3 Ceph nodes with the mgr role that equals the default number of Ceph nodes for the mon role. In such configuration, one back-up Ceph node will be available to redeploy a failed Ceph Manager in case of a server outage.

Bond interfaces monitoring

Implemented monitoring of bond interfaces for clusters based on bare metal. The number of active and configured slaves per bond is now monitored with the following alerts raising in case of issues:

  • BondInterfaceDown

  • BondInterfaceSlaveDown

  • BondInterfaceOneSlaveLeft

  • BondInterfaceOneSlaveConfigured

Calculation of storage retention time using OpenSearch and Prometheus panels

Implemented the following panels in the Grafana dashboards for OpenSearch and Prometheus that provide details on the storage usage and allow calculating the possible retention time based on provisioned storage and average usage:

  • OpenSearch dashboard:

    • Cluster > Estimated Retention

    • Resources > Disk

    • Resources > File System Used Space by Percentage

    • Resources > Stored Indices Disk Usage

    • Resources > Age of Logs

  • Prometheus dashboard:

    • Cluster > Estimated Retention

    • Resources > Storage

    • Resources > Strage by Percentage

HA setup for ‘iam-proxy’ in StackLight

Implemented deployment of two iam-proxy instances for the StackLight HA setup that ensures access to HA components if one iam-proxy instance fails. The second iam-proxy instance is automatically deployed during cluster update on existing StackLight HA deployments.

Log forwarding to third-party systems using Fluentd plugins

Added the capability to forward logs to external Elasticsearch and OpenSearch servers as the fluentd-logs output. This enhancement also expands existing configuration options for log forwarding to syslog.

Introduced logging.externalOutputs that deprecates logging.syslog and enables you to configure any number of outputs with more configuration flexibility.

‘MCC Applications Performance’ Grafana dashboard for StackLight

Implemented the MCC Applications Performance Grafana dashboard that provides information on the Container Cloud internals work based on Golang, controller runtime, and some custom metrics. You can use it to verify performance of applications and for troubleshooting purposes.