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July 21, 2021

  • 7.x Cluster release series with updated versions of MCR 20.10.5, MKE 3.4.0, and Kubernetes 1.20.1

  • Support of MKE 3.3.3 - 3.3.6 and 3.4.0 for cluster attachment

  • Graceful MCR upgrade from 19.03.14 to 20.10.5

  • MKE logs gathering enhancements

  • VMware vSphere provider:

    • Initial CentOS support VMware vSphere provider

    • RHEL 7.9 support for the VMware vSphere provider

    • Removal of IAM and Keycloak IPs configuration

  • Ability to add or configure proxy on existing clusters

  • Command for creation of Keycloak users

  • Improvements to StackLight alerting

  • Log verbosity for StackLight components

  • Documentation:

    • How to move a Ceph Monitor daemon to another node

    • Manage user roles through Keycloak


June 15, 2021

  • Equinix Metal provider

  • Integration to Lens

  • New bootstrap node for additional regional clusters

  • TLS certificates for management cluster applications

  • Default Keycloak authorization in Container Cloud web UI

  • SSH keys management for mcc-user

  • vSphere resources controller

  • StackLight components upgrade

  • Ceph:

    • Multinetwork configuration

    • TLS for public endpoints

    • RBD mirroring support


May 18, 2021

  • Support for Keycloak 12.0

  • Ironic pod logs

  • LoadBalancer and ProviderInstance monitoring for cluster and machine statuses

  • Updated notification about outdated cluster version in web UI

  • StackLight improvements:

    • Notifications to Microsoft Teams

    • Notifications to ServiceNow

    • Log collection optimization

  • Ceph improvements:

    • Ceph default configuration options

    • Capability to define specifications for multiple Ceph nodes using lists

    • A number of new KaaSCephCluster configuration parameters

  • Documentation enhancements:

    • Ceph Monitors recovery

    • Silencing of StackLight alerts


April 22, 2021

  • Full support for the VMware vSphere provider

  • Universal SSH user

  • Configuration of SSH keys on existing clusters using web UI

  • Cluster and machines live statuses in web UI

  • Enabling of proxy access using web UI for vSphere, AWS, and bare metal

  • Log collection optimization in StackLight

  • Ceph enhancements:

    • Dedicated network for the Ceph distributed storage traffic

    • Ceph Multisite configuration

  • Documentation enhancements:

    • Ceph disaster recovery procedure

    • QuickStart guides


March 24, 2021

  • RHEL license activation using the activation key

  • Support for VMware vSphere Distributed Switch

  • VMware vSphere provider integration with IPAM controller

  • Proxy support for all Container Cloud providers

  • StackLight logging levels

  • StackLight remote logging to syslog

  • Hyperconverged Ceph

  • Ceph objectStorage section in KaasCephCluster

  • Ceph maintenance orchestration

  • Updated documentation on the bare metal networking


March 1, 2021

  • Support for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine 3.3.6

  • Support for Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes 21.1

  • Proxy support for OpenStack and VMware vSphere providers

  • NTP server configuration on regional clusters

  • Optimized ClusterRelease upgrade process

  • Dedicated network for external connection to the Kubernetes services on bare metal

  • Ceph RADOS Gateway HA

  • Ceph RADOS Gateway check box in Container Cloud web UI

  • Ceph maintenance label

  • Cerebro support for StackLight

  • Proxy support for StackLight


February 2, 2021

  • Support for the updated version of Mirantis Container Runtime 19.03.14

  • Dedicated network for Kubernetes pods traffic on bare metal clusters

  • Improvements for the feedback form in the Container Cloud web UI

  • StackLight enhancements:

    • Alert inhibition rules

    • Integration between Grafana and Kibana

    • New Telegraf alert TelegrafGatherErrors

    • Configuration of Ironic Telegraf input plugin

    • Automatically defined cluster ID


December 23, 2020

  • Support for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine 3.3.4 and Mirantis Container Runtime 19.03.13

  • Support for multiple host-specific L2 templates per a bare metal cluster

  • Additional regional cluster on VMware vSphere

  • Automated setup of an OVF template for the VMware vSphere provider

  • StackLight support for VMware vSphere

  • Improvements in the Container Cloud logs collection


November 5, 2020

  • Support for VMware vSphere provider on RHEL

  • Kernel parameters management through BareMetalHostProfile

  • Support of multiple subnets per cluster

  • Optimization of the Container Cloud logs collection

  • Container Cloud API documentation for bare metal


October 19, 2020

  • Node labeling for machines

  • AWS resources discovery in the Container Cloud web UI

  • Credentials statuses for OpenStack and AWS in the Container Cloud web UI

  • StackLight improvements:

    • Grafana upgrade from version 6.6.2 to 7.1.5

    • Grafana Image Renderer pod to offload rendering of images from charts

    • Grafana home dashboard improvements

    • Splitting of the regional and management cluster function in StackLight telemetry to obtain aggregated metrics on the management cluster from regional and managed clusters

    • Amendments to the StackLight alerts


September 16, 2020


First GA release of Container Cloud with the following key features:

  • Container Cloud with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) container clusters for the management plane

  • Support for managed Container Cloud with MKE container clusters on top of the AWS, OpenStack, and bare metal cloud providers

  • Support for attaching of the existing MKE standalone clusters

  • Ceph as a Kubernetes storage provider for the bare metal use case

  • Multi-region support for security and scalability

  • IAM integration with MKE container clusters to provide SSO

  • Logging, monitoring, and alerting tuned for MKE with data aggregation to the management cluster and telemetry sent to Mirantis