Create and operate managed clusters


This tutorial applies only to the Container Cloud web UI users with the m:kaas:namespace@operator or m:kaas:namespace@writer access role assigned by the Infrastructure Operator. To add a bare metal host, the m:kaas@operator or m:kaas:namespace@bm-pool-operator role is required.

After you deploy the Mirantis Container Cloud management cluster, you can start creating managed clusters that will be based on the same cloud provider type that you have for the management cluster: OpenStack, bare metal, or vSphere.

The deployment procedure is performed using the Container Cloud web UI and comprises the following steps:

  1. Create a dedicated non-default project for managed clusters.

  2. For a baremetal-based managed cluster, create and configure bare metal hosts with corresponding labels for machines such as worker, manager, or storage.

  3. Create an initial cluster configuration depending on the provider type.

  4. Add the required amount of machines with the corresponding configuration to the managed cluster.

  5. For a baremetal-based managed cluster, add a Ceph cluster.


The Container Cloud web UI communicates with Keycloak to authenticate users. Keycloak is exposed using HTTPS with self-signed TLS certificates that are not trusted by web browsers.

To use your own TLS certificates for Keycloak, refer to Configure TLS certificates for cluster applications.