Addressed issues

The following issues have been addressed in the Mirantis Container Cloud release 2.17.0 along with the Cluster releases 11.1.0 and 7.7.0:

  • Bare metal:

    • [22563] Fixed the issue wherein a deployment of a bare metal node with an LVM volume on top of a mdadm-based raid10 failed during provisioning due to insufficient cleanup of RAID devices.

  • Equinix Metal:

    • [22264] Fixed the issue wherein the KubeContainersCPUThrottlingHigh alerts for Equinix Metal and AWS deployments raised due to low default deployment limits set for Equinix Metal and AWS controller containers.

  • StackLight:

    • [23006] Fixed the issue that caused StackLight endpoints to crash on start with the private key does not match public key error message.

    • [22626] Fixed the issue that caused constant restarts of the kaas-exporter pod. Increased the memory for kaas-exporter requests and limits.

    • [22337] Improved the certificate expiration alerts by enhancing the alert severities.

    • [20856] Fixed the issue wherein variables values in the PostgreSQL Grafana dashboard were not calculated.

    • [20855] Fixed the issue wherein the Cluster > Health panel showed N/A in the Elasticsearch Grafana dashboard.

  • Ceph:

  • LCM:

    • [22341] Fixed the issue wherein the cordon-drain states were not removed after unsetting the maintenance mode for a machine.

  • Cluster health:

    • [21494] Fixed the issue wherein controller pods were killed by OOM after a successful deployment of a management or regional cluster.