Troubleshoot the bootstrap region creation

If the BootstrapRegion object is in the Error state, find the error type in the Status field of the object for the following components to resolve the issue:

Field name

Troubleshooting steps


If the bootstrap HelmBundle is not ready for a long time, for example, during 15 minutes in case of an average network bandwidth, verify statuses of non-ready releases and resolve the issue depending on the error message of a particular release:

kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToKindKubeconfig> \
get helmbundle bootstrap -o json | \
jq '.status.releaseStatuses[] | select(.ready == false) | {name: .chart, message: .message}'

If fixing the issues with Helm releases does not help, collect the Helm Controller logs and filter them by error to find the root cause:

kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToKindKubeconfig> -n kube-sytem \
logs -lapp=helm-controller | grep "ERROR"


If some of deployments are not ready for a long time while the bootstrap HelmBundle is ready, restart the affected deployments:

kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToKindKubeconfig> \
-n kaas rollout restart deploy <notReadyDeploymentName>

If restarting of the affected deployments does not help, collect and assess the logs of non-ready deployments:

kubectl --kubeconfig <pathToKindKubeconfig> \
-n kaas logs<notReadyDeploymentName>


The status of this field becomes Ready when all provider-related HelmBundle charts are configured and in the Ready status.