Set the MTU size for Calico

TechPreview Available since 2.24.0 and 2.24.2 for MOSK 23.2

You can set the maximum transmission unit (MTU) size for Calico in the Cluster object using the calico.mtu parameter. By default, the MTU size for Calico is 1450 bytes. You can change it for any supported Container Cloud provider regardless of the host operating system.

For details on how to calculate the MTU size, see Calico documentation: Configure MTU to maximize network performance.

The following configuration example of the Cluster object covers a use case where the interface MTU size of the workload network, which is the smallest value across cluster nodes, is set to 9000 and the use of WireGuard is expected:

        mtu: 8940


If you do not expect to use WireGuard encryption, ensure that the MTU size for Calico is at least 50 bytes smaller than the interface MTU size of the workload network. IPv4 VXLAN uses a 50-byte header.


Mirantis does not recommend changing this parameter on a running cluster. It leads to sequential draining of nodes and re-installation of packets, as during cluster upgrade.